Emergency Dentistry in Fairfax, VA

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Emergency Dental Care in Fairfax, VA

Dental emergencies wait for no one. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable dentist at your side at a moment’s notice. At Fair City Mall Dental Care, we strive to provide top-notch emergency dental care. Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or your child, we’re here to help.

Emergency Dental Care in Fairfax, VA

Our dentists specialize in a range of restorative options, as well as methods for reducing pain and addressing the root cause of the discomfort. Call our office whenever you need immediate dental care in Fairfax, VA.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry refers to a wide range of services meant to relieve a patient’s severe pain or discomfort. This term is deliberately broad, as nearly anything can be a dental emergency if it causes significant pain or damage to the teeth. If you aren’t sure whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency, it’s always in your best interest to contact your local dentist as soon as possible.

Why the Fairfax Community Chooses Us

Over the years, Fair City Mall Dental Care has come to be known for top-tier emergency dentistry for children and adults. Our priority is your comfort, and we take every measure to make our patients feel comfortable. We know that people of all ages get nervous in the dentist’s chair, but our team is dedicated to building a lasting rapport with you and earning your trust. To make for an even easier experience, our office is open before and after the typical workday, as well as on Saturdays. We strive to offer dental care that’s accessible to everyone!

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Our Emergency Dentistry Services

Cracked Tooth

Looking for cracked tooth treatment? Contact Fairfax, VA's Fair City Mall Dental Care right away to get quality cracked tooth repair.

Abscessed Teeth

Fair City Mall Dental Care provides treatment to Fairfax, VA residents with abscessed teeth. Schedule your appointment today for dental care.

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Lost Fillings

Fair City Mall Dental Care offers outstanding dental services to Fairfax, VA patients who have lost a filling. Contact us today for quality dental services.

Tooth Infections

Wisdom teeth cause pain and infection, which can be treated by wisdom tooth removal surgery. Contact Fair City Mall Dental Care in Fairfax, VA, today!

Fair City Mall Dental Care - Cosmetic Dentistry

What Services Are Included Under This Term?

Our local emergency dentistry services encompass a variety of circumstances. Lots of treatments can fall under the emergency umbrella, especially if you are experiencing extreme pain and are unable to go about your daily tasks. Our emergency services include:

    Pain relief and management.
    Tooth extractions.
    Broken tooth repair.
    Treatment for dental infections
    Lost filling replacement.
    Restorations for knocked-out teeth.

Seek Emergency Care as Soon as Possible

At the first sign of a dental emergency, you should get in touch with your local dentist. But what exactly constitutes a dental emergency? Urgent care may be necessary for a range of circumstances, but it can be easy to write the term “emergency” off as an overreaction. The truth is that anything that causes you pain deserves immediate attention. Request emergency care in the following situations:

Emergency Dental Exams in Fairfax
  • Cracked Tooth

    Cracked teeth will only worsen over time if not properly treated. Visiting the dentist right away maximizes the chance that we’ll be able to save your natural tooth.

  • Knocked-Out Tooth

    Knocked-out teeth can be immensely painful, and even scary. However, our dentists are trained to respond to knocked-out teeth. Visit our office, and we’ll recommend restoration options.

  • Sudden Pain

    We’ve all had a toothache now and again. But what if that pain is constant and severe? If you’ve experienced sudden, unexplained tooth pain, schedule an appointment right away.

  • Abscesses

    Tooth infections, or abscesses, can do significant damage to your oral health and overall health. With prompt emergency services, we can ensure that the infection doesn’t spread.

  • Missing Restorations

    If your filling, veneer, or crown has broken off, look to us for emergency cosmetic dentistry. Putting off dental care can leave your tooth vulnerable to infection.

  • Something Stuck in the Teeth

    Getting something stuck in your teeth counts as a dental emergency! If you can’t dislodge the food or foreign object yourself, our team will ensure it is removed safely.

Reach Out Today!

You should never wait to seek emergency treatment. Most, if not all, dental emergencies will only worsen over time. With prompt treatment from Fair City Mall Dental Care, you can avoid costly treatments and severe pain. Our caring staff is here to cater to your needs, whether you have a minor toothache or recently had a tooth knocked out. Compassion, convenience, and comfort are the name of the game at Fair City Mall Dental Care. Contact us for emergency services today.